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Relax, Recharge, and Reconnect with Nature
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About Us

Where Serenity Meets Luxury in the Heart of Sreemangal

Sreemangal, often referred to as the “Tea Capital of Bangladesh,” is a place of natural beauty, rich biodiversity, and tranquil landscapes. Amidst this picturesque setting lies a hidden gem that promises an exceptional escape from the ordinary – Backyard Retreat BD. This resort encapsulates the essence of Sreemangal, offering guests an immersive experience that combines the beauty of nature with the comforts of luxury.

From Sreemangal

Wonder how to come to our resort ? we will pick you up from Sreemangal, you will see the beautiful Lawachora rain forest and Nurjahan Tea garden on the way.


Enjoy your best time in our pool villa, superior villa.

Wifi &

In this lush green and remote place, we ensure your connectivity to the world.

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Private Parking

Enjoy World Class Stay Experience

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